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silo_rep's Journal

1 January
Simple Love Group
"Do you ever find yourself thinking, why don’t I have a boyfriend/girlfriend? I’m a good-looking gal/lad, so what’s the deal? Have you ever wished you had the perfect lover? Well you’re in luck. The scientists at Simple Love Group (or SiLo for short), have spent the last twenty years thinking and wondering the same exact thing. And after a long twenty year period of testing, manufacturing, and perfecting, they’ve finally found the perfect solution to everyone’s boy/girl problems.

And what’s the solution, you might ask? Robots, but not just any robot. Products manufactured at Silo are given their own name and not just a simple number because these ‘robots’ are, in fact, just as close to being human as you or I.

Our products are the perfect lovers. That should be enough to spark your attention, right?

So what are you waiting for? Go online and fill out a quick and easy application to see which product best matches you. "

The year is 2040. Technology and science has run rampant and Korea is leading the entire world in both fields of study.

Twenty years ago, a group of scientists made a very peculiar discovery. If they tampered enough with the genetics of humans, they could program a human to be however they wanted and do whatever they wanted. They could go from knowing third grade math to knowing enough math to become a world renowned math professor at an ivy league school. If they experimenting on the brain, scientists could change how humans react to things - their emotions, their personalities. When the scientists finally experimented on the heart, they found out that tampering with the rate at which hearts beat, effectively slows down the aging process to half that of a normal human being. With these revolutionizing discoveries, those five scientists could only think of one thing. They wanted to make the perfect human. Why?

Blinded by greed, they thought only about how they could make money. They knew humans, who cared so much about love and romance, would spend thousands upon millions of dollars on the perfect lover. And so they spent twenty years working to perfect their discoveries, tampering with children and teenagers, whom were either kicked out of orphanages or found on the streets.

They then named their company the Simple Love group, or Silo for short. The Silo scientists were very smart and tactful. Knowing that Silo’s perfect products would become a complete and utter moral and ethical issue, they covered up their scientific approach to making the perfect humans by claiming that these humans were actually robots, or products.

After ridding each human of their memories and tampering enough with their hearts, brains, and genetics, Silo scientists hired the best advertisers to market their new ‘invention.’

Silo scientist assumed that their products were revolutionizing and had no faults whatsoever. But humans are not computers that can just be programed.

Today, Simple Love Group has advertised their products, selling to perfect lovers to those seeking them. Everything seems fine now, but soon, those products will start to malfunction, going from their present selves to their true selves."

"Community Rules

1. Korean Entertainment only.
2. 3 muses per mun. No more than one per band.
3. No cross claiming journals. Aim screen names can be used at more than one community, but we encourage you to make a new one. Each muse must have a separate screen name.
4. This is a AIM and LJ-based community. AIM is mandatory and LJ logs are not.
5. You must post to your journal at least once a week to keep active. If we notice you’ve been inactive (not posting in your journal or signing onto aim), we’ll automatically cut you from the community.
6. No godmodding or metagaming. That being said, owners do have slight authority over their products. Keep that in mind, but doesn’t abuse it.
7. No out out character drama. In character drama is welcome.
8. Try to keep your grammar, spelling, and syntax amazing and correct.
9. If you don’t think you can be active, don’t bother joining.
10. Hiatuses up to two weeks must be posted on the OOC community as well as drops.
11. No killing of muses allowed.
12. For questions, concerns, or suggestions, please contact silo_rep. The mods will not be making a screen name or revealing themselves.
13. Please read Useful Information and Setting before you claim a muse.
14. And keep in mind that managing a community is a lot of work so please be patient with the mod."

Simple Love Group Application Setting Claims